Robot(s) + Monster, pg1

Beginning our longest story yet, a whopping eight page epic in the Rather Manly R+M Manner! A return to our fight comic roots with the philosophically emotional twist you’ve come to expect from R+M!

Also, Ballserker! I love Ballserker. Look at that dude.

I want to say this was actually the first R+M story I wrote (after the aborted mobile version). As I recall, “I Was A Teenage Android Timebomb” started out as a CLiNT pitch we never sent in, and I jammed out “Bad Decisions Build Character” when I realized Timebomb would be the first R+M story, to give Ryan an intro like El.

This was what I wrote when we decided to go webcomic with the series, as an encapsulation of “it’s a fight comic about these two characters, but there’s more going on than just that”. So we’ve got El on a talk show talking about “evil” robots, and there’s some other stuff coming up that gets more into who El and Ryan are as action heroes and people.

I dunno, is that too much how-sausages-are-made info? I guess what I’m trying to stay is that if you stick out the eight weeks, I think it’ll pay off.

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