Get Better, pg8

The irony in going on hiatus immediately following a storyline called “Get Better” is not lost on me.

But Jorge needs to Do Work on the illustration front, so R+M is going silent for a few months while he hustles. All other strips will continue as normal, including Jorge’s OGN Leonora.

And when we (meaning R+M) come back, expect us back, better than ever.

(Sorry, all.)

What we’ll be replacing R+M with (temporarily!) is a sort of “pilot” Okita/Doug Freshley artist mpMann and I did for a digital comics platform a while back, before the gig just kind of went the way of an ellipsis.

It’s called Black Flies. It’s very much me exercising my love for Alien and the weird, claustrophobic sort of archeology that occurs when you poke around a dead spaceship.

R+M copyright 2011 Josh Hechinger and Jorge F. Muñoz.
Black Flies copyright 2012 Josh Hechinger and mpMann.
Brawler Land copyright 2009 Josh Hechinger
Cooking with L.O.I.S. copyright 2011 Josh Hechinger.
The House Always Wins copyright 2012 Josh Hechinger and John Bivens.
Leonora copyright 2012 Jorge F. Muñoz.
Okita + The Cat copyright 2011 Josh Hechinger and mpMann.