Bad Decisions Build Character, pg3

I think most comic writers will tell you that the first real rush of the job is getting art back from an artist. It’s that simultaneous feeling of “oh thank god, I didn’t screw it up” and “oh thank god, the artist made us look like geniuses”. It’s the first time the story in your head starts being real.

There’s also a moment in every project where you get art back and you realize “oh, I’m teamed up with a hero on this project”. Sometimes it’s a big page, sometimes it’s just a little bit of stage business the artist nails.

In this case, the giant floating demon was my “oh, Jorge’s bringing it to win it” moment, for the obvious reason of just-look-at-that-thing.

And I’ve worked with Jorge before, I’m extraordinarily fond of him as an artist and person, but this was the first page I got in where I knew R+M was/is going to be something special.

R+M copyright 2011 Josh Hechinger and Jorge F. Muñoz.
Black Flies copyright 2012 Josh Hechinger and mpMann.
Brawler Land copyright 2009 Josh Hechinger
Cooking with L.O.I.S. copyright 2011 Josh Hechinger.
The House Always Wins copyright 2012 Josh Hechinger and John Bivens.
Leonora copyright 2012 Jorge F. Muñoz.
Okita + The Cat copyright 2011 Josh Hechinger and mpMann.